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Martha MaloneyHuss, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)

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Martha MaloneyHuss, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)

Dr. Martha MaloneyHuss is a board-certified medical oncologist, and the founder and medical director of IVC. 

Dr. MaloneyHuss attended Smith College for her undergraduate studies, followed by Cornell University for veterinary school. She completed a rotating internship at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, a medical oncology internship at Oregon State University, and a translational research fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. She then completed a medical oncology residency at the University of Pennsylvania, and achieved board certification with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Oncology) in 2019. 

Dr. MaloneyHuss prefers a patient-focused and team-based approach to veterinary oncology. The aim of oncology treatment at IVC is to help your pet be as comfortable and happy as possible, and to maintain that comfort and quality of life for as long as we can. Dr. MaloneyHuss’ focus with treatment is on quality of time over quantity of time, while aiming for maximum quality time. 

Outside of work, Dr. MaloneyHuss enjoys running, gardening, baking, and spending time with her family. She has three cats (Professor Starfish, Thistle, and Trouble), who spend most of their time napping in various sunbeams. 

Claire Weigand, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Medicine)

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Dr. Claire Weigand, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Claire M. Weigand is a board-certified Internal Medicine Specialist and the Chief of Staff of IVC. She graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, did a rotating small animal internship at Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, then returned to Auburn for her Internal Medicine Residency. She was an assistant professor at Atlantic Veterinary College and Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine prior moving to Massachusetts. She has been a happy resident of the Pioneer Valley since 1999.

Dr. Weigand has over 25 years of experience in Internal Medicine, and enjoys the long term relationships she forges with her patients, clients, and referring veterinarians. In her spare time, Dr. Weigand enjoys kayaking, gardening, snowshoeing, crocheting, and spending time in nature with her dogs. Her cats believe that she should spend more time catering to their every need.

Erika Mueller, DVM, DACVECC

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Erika Mueller, DVM, DACVECC

Dr. Erika Mueller is board-certified in emergency and critical care, and the Chief Operating Officer of IVC. 

Dr. Mueller graduated from East Tennessee State University, and then obtained her DVM from the University of Tennessee. She completed a rotating internship in private practice, and then completed her residency in emergency and critical care with Drs. Kirby and Crowe. She achieved board certification with the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care in 2001. 

Dr. Mueller’s primary aim is excellent patient care, beyond all other factors. She enjoys working with a smart, knowledgeable team of colleagues who share the same mindset. She is particularly interested in anesthesia, pain management, and transfusion medicine. Dr. Mueller oversees our nurse and assistant training program, in order to make sure all IVC staff are trained to a high skill level. 

Outside of work, Dr. Mueller loves to cook! She also enjoys gardening, exercising, birdwatching, and reading on rainy days with her cats Benjamin and Amos.

David Hunley, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)

Pronouns: he/him/his

Dr. David Hunley is a board-certified medical oncologist and inveterate dabbler who is immensely happy to join the wonderful Integrity team. 

Dr. Hunley toiled away for several undergraduate years at North Carolina State University, dabbling in Mathematics, Japanese language, and pizza delivery before realizing that veterinary medicine was his true calling. In veterinary school at Louisiana State University, he dabbled a bit in raptor rehabilitation and zoo medicine before a cranky ostrich named Chester ran him (quite literally) out of the zoo for good. After a quick stint back at North Carolina State for his internship, he returned to Louisiana State to complete his oncology training. During those years of residency training, he dabbled in competitive eating (hot dog specialty) but soon realized this was a young person’s sport and directed his focus on medical oncology. 

Dr. Hunley has now spent many years in the profession, as an assistant professor at Louisiana State, as the sole medical oncologist in Rhode Island (at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists, where he first met Dr. MaloneyHuss), and as the first full time specialist at Gold Coast Center for Veterinary Care on Long Island, where he still dabbles in various roles (seeing patients, mentoring, speaking at veterinary events, and teaching at Long Island University).

Dr. Hunley’s view on cancer treatment mirrors the patient-focused and team-based approach that Integrity Veterinary Center is known for. He is focused on helping to demonstrate this approach to the new generation of veterinarians, which is why he is so happy to be joining the Integrity team!

Outside of work, Dr. Hunley enjoys traveling, hiking, disc golf, college basketball, and continuing to look upon the world with wonder. He has a remarkable wife and two grown children (also remarkable!), as well as a persnickety cat (Oliver) and a quirky small dog (Finn), all of whom keep him on his toes.