Our specialty hospital is OPENING SOON! In the meantime, we are offering Oncology Tele-Advice services

At Integrity Veterinary Center, our mission is to provide exceptional and personalized veterinary care. We are committed to practicing the highest standard of medicine, collaborating with our patients’ entire health care team, and prioritizing patient comfort.

Meet Dr. MaloneyHuss

Dr. MaloneyHuss prefers a patient-focused and team-based approach to veterinary oncology. The aim of oncology treatment at IVC is to help your pet be as comfortable and happy as possible, and to maintain that comfort and quality of life for as long as we can. Dr. MaloneyHuss’ focus with treatment is on quality of time over quantity of time, while aiming for maximum quality time. 

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We would love to hear from you! Please contact us at oncology@integrityvetcenter.com with any questions you have at any time.

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