Urgent Care: Current hours are Monday-Thursday, 8 AM-5 PM. Call 413-614-0039 for an appointment.

Thank you for considering a career at IVC!

We are absolutely thrilled to be busy and growing! Here is some general information about working with us, and we invite you to check out the links below for position-specific details. Please check back regularly for updated position availability, or check out our listings on Indeed.

We’d also be happy to invite you for a visit if you are curious about our hospital, but not certain if you would like to make a change. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at careers@integrityvetcenter.com.

General Information:

We are a locally and privately-owned specialty and urgent care hospital, and our owner (on principle) will not sell to or partner with any type of veterinary corporate ownership/private equity firms. As an IVC employee, this means that all of the people who make the staffing, benefits, pricing, and growth decisions about Integrity Veterinary Center work with you day-to-day in the hospital, and actively want to hear your thoughts on how to make IVC as resilient and healthy as it can be.

We practice open and honest communication, and we’ve found that plenty of the best ideas to improve IVC come directly from our staff. The field of veterinary medicine continues to be plagued by stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout, and maintaining a sustainable and supportive hospital environment is of the utmost importance to us.

Specific Positions:

Urgent Care Doctors:

We are currently fully staffed for urgent care doctors! If you are interested in joining our Urgent Care Service, please feel free to email us (careers@integrityvetcenter.com)- we’d love to meet you and show you the hospital, and stay in touch in case we can offer a position in the future.

Urgent Care Nurses:

We are actively hiring urgent care nurses! Candidates both with and without urgent care or ER experience are encouraged to apply. Our Urgent Care Service is appointment-based, and it is often a good option for folks who 1) are interested to branch out from primary care practice, or 2) are burning out in ER but enjoy the high level of medicine.